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That Embodies Your Brand

Looking for an industry-leading jewelry photography agency that makes getting consistent, high-quality ecomm shots feel easy?

Think of us as your in-house photography department…that happens to be remote. For over a decade, Sara Rey and her team have dedicated themselves to the art and science of jewelry photography, working with hundreds of designers around the world.

Making your collection stand out in a busy world is our passion.

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Wherever your customers experience you, we have you covered.

While we deliver upwards of 10,000 images a year, what we really value is building long-lasting, individual relationships. So when we take you on as a client, you know that we’ll be creating images that have your fingerprints all over them.

And better yet, every time you work with us you’ll get the same quality standards, catered to your specific preferences.

From onboarding to final delivery, we’ve considered every step of the photography process for you, so you can close the “schedule a photoshoot” tab in your mind and focus on your unique area of genius.

92% of shoppers say that “clear and detailed images” are the most important features when shopping online.

Customized Solutions For Your Brand

Are you launching new product on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to running your creative business. We can build you custom tailored photography packages to ensure you're getting the visual assets you need for each collection.

Why You'll Love Working With Us


Since 2013, I’ve been focused exclusively on the art of photographing jewelry, putting in thousands of reps each year. It’s been over a decade, and I’m still obsessed with figuring out ways to improve my craft; looking for tiny changes I can make that produce a better result or serve our clients better.


We’ve worked with over 250 jewelry brands over the years, and some of the feedback we get most often is about our professionalism. Our number one priority is earning your trust by following through on our promises, meeting deadlines, and delivering consistent images to your specifications every time.


My background is in the jewelry industry, so when I say it’s been an absolute pleasure to photograph for some of the most talented & innovative jewelry companies in the world, what I really mean is that I’m grateful I get to work with my people. Jewelry is more than just an adornment to me; it’s art.


I love being considered a part of your team, and I come with my own too. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that we’re understanding and accomplishing all your goals with your photo shoots. Clear, prompt communication ensures that we’re always on the same page about your work.

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The images we deliver are selling jewelry every day, all over the world. Are you ready to start converting more customers too?

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