Sara Rey

Location: San Diego, CA (since 2011)
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Photography Style: Luxe & eclectic
Favorite Gemstone: Tourmaline
Favorite Mineral: Pyrite
Shooting With: Canon

Sara Rey Photography 003

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Photographing jewelry for over a decade has allowed me to combine my greatest passions and work with other creatives who are leaving their fingerprints on the world. 

With a well-rounded foundation in the jewelry & gemology industries, I offer a unique perspective and enthusiasm about my subject matter. My academic & professional background in the industry began with a degree in Jewelry Manufacturing & Repair in the Twin Cities, followed by more advanced studies in Graduate Gemology in Carlsbad, CA.

My time helping to lead wholesale and retail jewelry companies in the Midwest and Southern California has given me a profound appreciation for the artistry & precision of the jewelry world. As a graduate gemologist, I understand nuances like the difference in the tone of green between an emerald & a tsavorite. I understand the intricacies and inherent value of each piece, which helps me capture its most important features.

I’m dedicated to helping jewelry businesses of all sizes accelerate their growth with the help of professional visuals. Whether you’re a seasoned jeweler or an emerging brand, I hope we can collaborate on bringing your unique vision to life.

Our studio, located in a historic fire station in San Diego, CA