ParkFord Jewelry

Jewelry Photography for ParkFord Jewelry

It’s been a joy to partner with ParkFord Jewelry on their product photography over the past couple of years.

The instantly recognizable designs & excellent craftsmanship have earned multiple features in publications. See the most recent feature in Instore Magazine below, as well as a preview of ParkFord’s stunning website. We love seeing our images deployed in such beautiful layouts.

Stephen Avery

Gem Photography for Stephen Avery

Here are some highlights from the photography that we did for Stephen Avery in 2023. 

Avery has been cutting gems for decades–innovating the art form & earning awards all along the way–and he continues to wow the jewelry industry with his combinations of materials, colors, and shapes. 

It’s been a real honor to get to collaborate for several years, including cataloging some of his personal inventory as well as gem material that dates back decades to unique or now-exhausted sources.

THATCH Jewelry

Here’s a recent product shoot that we did for San Diego-based brand: THATCH. 

The photography we did for them is a great example of something that’s easy to overlook when hiring a professional jewelry photographer: consistency. Do you see how every photo is the exact same shade & brightness of gold? The necklaces all reach the same point within the frame? The style of reflection is carried throughout the batch of images?

We’re fanatical about maintaining internal reference documents for every single client, so that every time we work together we’re able to deliver the exact same standards that we did before.

In a world dominated by ecommerce, having beautiful photos is a must. But having consistently beautiful photos is what gives your customers a professional & meaningful experience on your store.

3090 Gems

It’s always a pleasure photographing loose gemstones. Rather than focusing on showing all the design details of a piece of jewelry, the entire image is geared towards getting the highest performance and color accuracy out of the gem. Often compositing multiple images to get a level of brilliance the reflects what you’d see in hand, gem photography is truly an artform.

Derco Fine Jewelers

This summer we worked with Derco Fine Jewelers in San Francisco to create a new set of creative images for the home page of their website. With their reference image and our intimate understanding of how to properly style and light diamond jewelry, we were able to deliver a diverse but cohesive set of images, pre-sized for their web header images on both desktop and mobile.