Client List

We’ve had the pleasure of shooting for over 250 talented & innovative companies throughout North America. Included are award-winning designers, makers on the forefront of clean & ethical manufacturing, retail store owners, artists, and many others.

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12th House Jewelry

Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry

 AJDC (The American Jewelry Design Council)


Alysha Whitfield

American Medical ID

Andrew Bugher Design

Ann Elizabeth Jewelry


Atelier Wolff

At Present

Aurora Oro Fine Jewelry

Baggins Pearls


Bless The Theory

Brian Kruppenbacher

Carolyn Morris Bach

CJ Charles Jewelers

Commers Custom Jewelers

Consider the Wldflwrs

Dale Hernsdorf

Davide Bigazzi

DeBella Fine Gems & Jewelry Arts

Dominique Cohen

Dunn & Co.

Elkin Jewelers

Elyria Jewels

EMBLM Fine Jewelry

ENJI Studio Jewelry

Freebourne Natural Gems

Geralyn Sheridan

Goldhaus & Alexander


Henry Elfering Jewelry

Honey Jewelry Co.

Imperfect Grace

Jane Bohan

Jeffrey Hunt

Jennifer DeMoro

Julers Row

Julez Bryant

JYE Luxury Collection

Karin Worden Jewelry

Katherine & Josephine

Kent Raible Jewelry

Kherish Jewelry

Kimberly Doyle Jewelry

Lauren Fine Jewelry

Leigh Maxwell


Loren Nicole


Marrow Fine


Megan Cochran

Metal Marketplace

M. Spalten

Montana Silversmiths

ParkFord Jewelry

Patrick Adair

Petit Anjou

Phenomenon Jewels

Rancho Santa Fe Jewelers

Sarah Andrie Fine Jewelry

Scout Mandolin

Sienna Seven

Stephen Avery

Steven Signature

T. Anthony Jewelers

The Jewelry Bar

V Coterie

Vincero Collective


Zina Sterling