Editorial Jewelry Photography

Editorial Photography

You can think of Editorial Photography as the cornerstone of your brand’s visual story, with imagery that’s customized to fit your specific aesthetic.

We’ll collaborate to develop the concept of your shoot by discussing the feel of your brand or current collection, the colors & materials that you’re drawn to, and the ways you’ll be able to use the images across multiple platforms.

Editorial images are shot with professional studio lighting, meticulously styled, and professionally retouched. They are licensed for all uses, and images will be delivered ready-to-use in a variety of mediums.

For your convenience, we offer our Editorial services either as a Full Day package, or À La Carte if you only need a few images. You can request our rates using the form at the bottom of this page for pricing & more details.

The Process

  • Scheduling & Discussion

    When you first reach out, we'll send you our pricing information, discuss your general needs for the editorial images, and compare calendars. We'll talk about how you want to use the images, approximately how many shots you need, and any initial thoughts about the creative direction for the shoot.

  • Develop Concept & Source Materials

    After you've booked, we'll narrow down the theme, aesthetic, and materials we're going to use in the shoot. You'll have full access to our prop library, and if we need to source anything additional for your project we'll take care of it, or you can ship your own materials to us.

  • Send Your Product

    Have your pieces arrive the day before your shoot. We'll get everything organized and be ready to start bright & early the next day.

  • Shooting Day

    We offer Editorial services on either a Full Day or À La Carte basis (request our rates for more info). If we're shooting for the Full Day, we'll check in with you in the morning to let you know we're getting started. If you'd like you can receive previews throughout the day so that you can give feedback in real time, or even come into the studio and shoot with us.

  • Select Your Images (Full Day Editorial Only)

    After we're finished shooting, we'll prepare proof sheets with all the raw images that we captured. We'll send this over to you the next day so that you can select which images you'd like to purchase from the shoot.

  • Retouching

    We'll professionally retouch the images you select. Once we're done, we'll send you the watermarked images for approval (allow 1-2 weeks for retouching).

  • Final Image Delivery

    After you've approved the images & paid your invoice online, we'll send you the link to download your final files. We'll provide you full-size TIFF images (for large prints) as well as standard-size JPGs (for any online use + small prints).


How much does Editorial Photography cost?

Our Editorial services are offered both as a Full Day service, and À La Carte on a per-image basis. Most images average out to $150-300 each. Use the rate sheet request form below & we’ll email you more details.

How many images will I get?

For A La Carte services, we’ll deliver the exact number of images you order (minimum order of 3 images).

For Full Day services, the number of proofs you select your final images from will vary based on how complex the styling & lighting of your project is. An average Full Day shoot produces approximately 15-30 images. A shoot with a simpler concept may produce up to 50 finished images to choose from.

Can I come shoot with you?

Yes, many of our Editorial clients will travel to us for 1-2 days of shooting throughout the year. This allows you to be hands-on with styling images & give real-time feedback. If you plan to come to our San Diego studio for your shoot, we’ll email you a guide with local information & tips for making the most out of our time together. Note that this option is only available for Full Day services.

How early do I need to book?

To allow enough time to plan & source materials, Editorial shoots typically book a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance. The more time the better – many of our clients book 3+ months ahead of time.