Custom Editorial Photography

A thousand words for your collection

What story are you telling with your collection? Editorial Photography is the language that can help build that visual narrative for your audience. In a world that’s taking place online more & more, engaging photography that creates effortless brand recognition is essential.

With editorial photography, we’ll collaborate on a fully customized day of shooting. You can come into the studio or receive live previews remotely to give feedback on the images.

In preparation, we’ll discuss the overall goal of your images, as well as colors, textures, compositions, and lighting that align with your aesthetic. A shot list will be prepared in advance that will help guide our day and ensure we’re getting the money shots.

By the way, I just wanted to say that I am absolutely IN LOVE with my website now after the refresh. Your images are so lush and so beautiful, thank you so much Sara!
Shari Cohen
Seal & Scribe

Editorial Photography

Creative + concept development included

A full day of shooting (receive live previews or join in person)

Studio lighting achieves a variety of looks

Custom sets created for your project

Professional retouching on your selected proofs

Gorgeous, full size images licensed for all uses

1. Booking

Contact us or book online to schedule at your convenience. After booking, we’ll set up a call to strategize your project.

2. Creative

We’ll send you creative materials to review, and we’ll work together to build the concept of your shoot, including what colors, textures, and materials will help support the visuals. A shot list will also be created.

3. Photo Shoot

The day of your shoot, we can either send you live previews of the images as we work, or you’re welcome to travel to our San Diego studio for the day.

4. Delivery

The day after your shoot, we’ll send you the proofs of all images we took that day. You select the ones you want, and we’ll retouch them to perfect. Image delivery is 1-2 weeks after your selects are made.