Editorial Photography Rates & Information

With Editorial Photography, we work together to create stunning images that reflect your brand’s essence and design sensibilities during a full-day photo shoot.

These images are intended to be the visual cornerstone of your collection. You’ll have gorgeous professional shots that are perfectly suited for website hero images, print advertising, look books, catalogs, email marketing, social media, and more. Anywhere you need evergreen content that wows your customer.

How does it work?

The project begins by discussing your vision, sharing reference images for inspiration, and creating a shot list outline. These elements are what make up the creative direction of your shoot.

On your booked date, we’ll collaborate in person or remotely on a full day shoot. You’ll have the opportunity to be has hands-on or hands-off as you prefer.

After the shoot, you’ll select from the proofs (raw images) and we’ll professionally retouch your selections and deliver them in their full size and resolution.

Below, find detailed information about the step-by-step process, including pricing & booking details. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or booking requests at sara@sararey.com

Details & Pricing

Nothing contributes more to a successful photo shoot than preparing in advance. Here are the steps each project follows to ensure that we make the absolute most of your shoot.

  1. Concept Development: After booking your shoot, we’ll send you a link to schedule a call with us at your convenience. On the call, we’ll talk about your vision for the shoot, and narrow down the story we’re going to tell. Think: themes, narratives, or moods to help define the look that we’re going for. We encourage you to explore what you’re drawn to beforehand, and email or DM us any reference images that inspire you.
  2. Materials: The backdrops and props that we use make a huge impact on the overall look of the images. We’ll create a list of exactly what we want to include, and ensure we can source everything in time for the shoot. We also have a prop library in the studio that is available for your use at no charge. (Materials that we source specifically for your shoot will be invoiced at our cost, or you may supply/drop-ship anything you wish to use).
  3. Shot List: Next, we develop a shot list, or an outline for the day. This may be as simple as selecting which designs you’d like included in each shot, or as curated as the props & styling you’re envisioning. The shot list isn’t set in stone, it’s simply meant to guide the flow of the day and ensure we capture the pieces that are most important to you.
    Note: The number of shots we can achieve in an 8 hour shoot varies based on how complex the setups are. An average number is around 15 shots, but with simpler setups we often are able to capture 30 or more. 
  4. Test Shooting: We’ll prepare the studio the day before your shoot, and do any test shooting needed to make sure we’re ready to accomplish your desired aesthetic.

For your photo shoot, there are a few ways that you can participate on the day of.

In Person: You are welcome to join us at the studio in San Diego, CA on the day of your shoot. This joint effort allows you to get hands-on with the styling and composition of the images, so you can be sure you love every shot as we go along.

Remote: If you’re not on-location with us, we can text you previews throughout the day as we set up your images. That way, you can provide feedback and approve the styling in real time.

Hands-Off: Many of our clients who’ve worked with us before, or simply don’t feel that this area is their strong suit, will opt to have us work independently for the shoot, and simply send the proofs for them to select from once the shoot is complete. This typically also allows us to achieve the greatest number of images in a day.

Whichever method works best for you, remember that this day is truly your time to use however you’d like. If you’d like to spend an hour styling a single, really important shot, or if you’d rather speed through and get as much gorgeous content as possible with our time, we’re game! What matters to us is that we help bring your ideas to life, and that you love the result.

The next business day, we’ll email you the proofs (raw images) from your shoot. That way you can review them with fresh eyes, and select which images you’d like to purchase and have retouched. There is no minimum order or obligation to purchase a certain number of shots. You can select as few or as many as you’d like.

Not sure what exactly you’ll need? No problem. We keep your raw images on file for one year, so you can always reach out down the road if you find you want to purchase additional shots.

Editorial Shoots are done on Fridays, and we typically recommend booking 1-3 months in advance. This will give us enough time to accomplish the tasks in the “Planning & Prep” tab above.

We book all of our Editorial shoots manually, so if you’re interested in getting your project on the calendar, let us know the date range you’re considering and we’d be happy to provide our availability and get your project scheduled. Our email is sara@sararey.com

The pricing structure for our Editorial Services is a Photography Day Rate + Per-Image Retouching Fee.

Photography: $1500 Day Rate. Includes concept development, material sourcing, shot list creation, and an 8-hour shoot.

Retouching: $100 Per Image. You select only the images you want to purchase, and our team professionally retouches them.

What does this break down to per-image?
We understand it can be easier to understand pricing on a per-image basis. This depends on how many images you end up selecting, but here are a couple examples:

  • You select 5 images ($1500 day rate + $500 retouching fees = $2000) $400 per image
  • You select 25 images ($1500 day rate + $2500 retouching fees = $4000) $160 per image

: Because we start working on your project weeks ahead of the shoot, we require a $750 deposit at the time of booking in order to secure your shoot date & start planning your shoot.

With Editorial Photography, you’ll receive the largest available files for each image that you purchase. Here’s what’s included in your Deliverables folder:

  • High-resolution, full-size TIFFs: these files will allow you to make incredibly large prints as needed.
  • High-resolution, full-size JPGs: these are still extremely large files, but a bit less “dense” than the TIFFs, so they’re better for smaller printing or sharing with publications.
  • Standard-size JPGs: these are the files that you’ll want to use for any online or social media purpose, as the above two file types are much too large for any digital purpose.

If you need any specific file types, dimensions, or resolutions, please let us know and we’d be happy to format them for you at no additional charge.

Are You Ready to Begin?

Please reach out to us at sara@sararey.com and let us know the timeframe you're hoping to schedule your Editorial Shoot, and we'll get back to you with our exact availability. Once we select your shoot date, we'll accept a deposit and schedule a discovery call to start planning your project.

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Meet Sara

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