Product Photos On White

Conversion-Driving Images Of Your Jewelry

Most of our clients come to us after struggling with image quality or consistency, sometimes for years. We’re obsessed with solving this problem for you, and making it feel effortless.

On-white photography is our most popular service, and the starting point for most clients.

Over the past decade, we’ve built a studio that’s geared entirely towards jewelry photography, from our signature techniques to our smallest styling tools.

With images published everywhere from Vogue to JCK to BuzzFeed, you can rest assured that we’ll supply you with imagery that’s ready to use across a variety of print & digital applications.

Book today or shoot us a message – we’d love to talk to you about your project.

What's included:

• Sharp, high-resolution files.
• Seamless white, grey, or black background.
• Professional retouching.
• Images stored securely online.
• Online booking for your convenience.

$45 per image

Details & pricing

These are the absolute foundation of your brand photography. They show your jewelry in crisp, close-up detail in a way that other photography styles can’t. They’re also your most versatile image type: since your jewelry is the sole focus, they can be used almost anywhere.

Quality + Consistency.

Once we nail down your unique image style, we’ll create a folder of internal documents dedicated to you, where we keep track of every aspect of your imagery. That way, we can replicate your look perfectly each time.

What does that look like?

Here’s what you can expect to be the exact same every time:

  • Your signature gold colors (same warmth, brightness, and boldness).
  • Your preferred shooting angles, according to type of jewelry.
  • Perfectly calibrated crop factor, meaning that you can avoid some designs looking tiny & others huge on your category pages.
  • Plus, we use a sophisticated macro photography technique called focus-stacking, which means every millimeter of your image is in perfect focus (no more blurry backs of rings).

The best part? You don’t have to do anything. This is just how we work.

We can typically get you on the calendar within a couple weeks.

After your shoot, your images will be ready to review within 7-10 days.

Product shots are $45 each and include professional styling & retouching.

You’ll receive the images as 1500px JPGs that are optimized for both web & print, so you’re ready to go.

Have a specific size you need? Let us know and we’ll deliver your files ready-to-upload.

Minimum order 5 images.

Do you have a big batch of products that you need photographed? Maybe you’re reshooting an old catalog, or launching a wholesale brand.

Our workflow has been optimized to allow us to shoot thousands of images per month, so there’s no project too large for us to tackle together.

We’ll start with a small test shoot so that we can get on the same page and perfect the look of your images. Then, we can complete the rest of your project in one go, or spread over a period of weeks/months.

Discounts are available for projects of 100+ images.

Better photos of your jewelry for
Meet Sara

Meet Sara

As a graduate gemologist with a background in the jewelry industry, Sara has a well-rounded perspective & deep understanding of her clients.

From her studio in San Diego, she's partnered with hundreds of jewelers to create images that convert her clients' stories into sales.


It's This Easy

1. Book

Contact us or book online to schedule at your convenience.

Most projects take 7-10 days from the time we receive your jewelry until the final images are delivered.

2. Ship

You’ll receive a confirmation email with our shipping address, work order form, and angle guide.

Ship to us using your preferred carrier, making sure that your items are clean and securely packaged.

3. Photo Shoot

We’ll let you know when your package arrives, and clarify if we have any questions.

After your photo shoot is complete, we’ll begin the retouching process, and your images will be ready for you to check out in about a week.

4. Delivery

Along with your watermarked images for review, we’ll send over your invoice that can be paid online with credit card or bank account.

Once your invoice is paid, we’ll email you the link to your final images and arrange return shipping.

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