Here’s the latest from a quick photo shoot for Katherine & Josephine, featuring an oxidized cuff and an Indianapolis cityscape cuff. As always, love loving everything put out by this company.

In other news, I’ve had quite a busy summer helping to manage the opening of Bravo Jewellers, my dear friends’ retail store located in Carlsbad, CA (see below). Helping with the construction process (quite literally hands-on) and getting the doors open was an incredible ordeal that I think can really only be understood by those who have built and opened a store themselves. The hours spent hiring and training staff, working with retail clients, and continuing to manage their wholesale service business has been a nice balance for my slower summertime work flow with my clients.

I’m looking forward to taking a week off at the beginning of August to visit extended family in Michigan and then the Twin Cities, where I grew up, to see friends and family. I have some exciting new projects in the works when I get home, and am eager to get back into my regular work rhythm.

Store Photo2