Jewelry Editorial Photography Pricing Page


Both of our Editorial service options are the exact same quality when it comes to lighting, styling & retouching. We simply offer two ways to order so that you can decide which commitment is right for you.

The main differences between our Full Day & À La Carte services:

  • You are booking an entire day with us when you choose Full Day Editorial, and therefore have an option to either come in-studio and participate in the shoot, or receive live previews via text throughout the day so that you can give feedback in real time.
  • With Full Day, you’ll receive all the proofs from the day’s shoot (typically 15-30 images) so that you can make your selections from everything that was shot that day. With À La Carte, we do not take extra photos.
If you’re looking for Product Photography rates & information, you can find it here.


This is our full-service option for brands looking to acquire a large batch of images that they can use to represent an entire collection, or even an entire year’s worth of creative content.


Full Day of Shooting: $1,500 
Retouching: $100 per image

The day after your shoot, you’ll receive a PDF of all the raw images (called a proof sheet) so that you can select which ones you’d like to purchase. Then, we’ll do the retouching on your selections and deliver your final images.


If you don’t need a full day of shooting, you can hire us for Editorial photography on an à la carte basis (minimum order is 3 images).


Most images are between $150-300 each, based on:

  • Complexity of the setup with props & jewelry
  • Number of pieces in the shot
  • Lighting style (soft light, hard light, speciality shadows, etc.)
  • Level of retouching required

Some complex setups, such as underwater shots or elaborate scenes, may be more.

You can hover over the images in the gallery below to get an idea of how cost relates to the complexity of the image.

Props & Backdrops: You have access to our full prop library at no charge. A flat $20 backdrop use fee applies to all projects. For any props/backdrops that we source specially for your shoot, we’ll invoice you at our cost. You may supply any of your own materials to be included in the shoot.

Need ideas for materials that may work well in your photo shoot? We made a list here!


Product Shots

$45 ea
  • Sharp, high-resolution JPG files
  • Seamless white or black background
  • Professional retouching included
  • Ready to be placed into any web or print platform
  • Images stored securely online


Group Shots…..$45 for the first item + $10 for each additional item in the shot.

Metal/Gem Color Changes…..$15 ea…..Digitally adjust your images to render them in multiple metal & stone varieties.

Background Color Changes…..$15 ea…..Digitally change the background color of your product shots.

Transparent Files…..$5 each…..Receive PSD or TIFF file type with a transparent background (“drag & drop” the jewelry wherever you want).

GIFs…..$150-200 each…..Several shots of your piece combine to create an animated GIF file.

Retouching Services…..$25 each…..Send us your own photos & we’ll give them the professional retouching treatment.

Full Size Images…..$15 each…..Our standard image size is plenty for 95% of our clients, but if you need the biggest possible file, we can provide it.

Watch Photography…..$75 each…..Due to the complex nature of watches, they are priced separately from jewelry photos.

NDA/Purchase Copyright…..+50%…..Need to keep the images under wraps? Purchase the copyright or send over an NDA. We won’t be able to publish the images or list you as a client.