Service & Pricing Guide

Are you ready to level up your photography? Our services are designed to offer you

$45 per image

Your standard product shots, perfect for ecommerce, line sheets, print features, and more.

Also available on a grey, ivory, or black background for the same price.

To review available add-on services, please scroll down on the Product On White detail page for a menu.

Minimum order 5 images.

$75 per image

These styled images bring your pieces to life and add a realistic view of your designs.

Price is for one piece of jewelry. Group shots are +$25 per additional item to allow for additional styling & retouching required.

Minimum order 5 images.


by estimate

For simpler flat lays and styled images, please submit your ideas & requirements at the link below so that we can review and send you pricing info based on the quantity & complexity of your image requirements.

Minimum order 5 images.

$1,500 day rate + $100/img retouching

Our most high-end and customized service is a full day of editorial shooting, with the ability for you to come in person or receive live previews via text. 

The day rate includes all pre-shoot prep and an 8-hour day of shooting. You’ll select the proofs you want to purchase ($100 per image retouching applies to selections).


Shimmer Video

$125 per video

Your piece stays stationary while the video features the light playing off the gems and details of the design. 

This subtle but impactful video style shows your audience the true performance of a piece, particularly with stones that sparkle as they move.

360 Video

$175 per video

This classic spin video shows every angle of your design, allowing you to “tell the whole story” in one piece of media.

There is the additional benefit of showing gems & diamonds in motion, showing off their sparkle in a way that’s not possible in still imagery.

Note that 360 Video is not currently offered for necklaces & earrings (we do offer Shimmer Video of all jewelry categories).

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