Product Photos On Color

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While product shots on white are the foundation of your brand’s imagery, these styled visuals will amplify your voice.

We’ll create your signature photo formula of colors + professional lighting + your gorgeous designs.

They’re perfect for header images, social media, digital marketing, and print campaigns.

What's included:

• Your unique color palette (or we can match your branding).
• As many designs as you want in each image.
• Customized look with your choice of studio lighting styles.
• Professional retouching.
• Full-size images licensed for all uses.

Details & Pricing

Add impact to your web presence, while still getting detailed shots of your designs.

Show another perspective of a piece, complementing your on-white images.

Showing your jewelry in additional environments helps your customer build context for the design and imagine it more clearly.

We specialize in three unique lighting styles

  1. Soft, dreamy lighting that casts a very subtle & diffused shadow (super flattering on metal & diamonds).
  2. Defined, hard lighting that looks modern, eye-catching, and very on-trend.
  3. Shadowy, playful lighting that casts patterns or streams of light onto the image, adding extra wow-factor.

You get to pick which style you want. Check out the gallery below to see examples.

Product on color shots are $75 each and include professional styling & retouching.

Want a group shot? No problem! Each additional piece is $25 to allow for the extra styling & retouching work involved.

Minimum order 5 images.

Meet Sara

Meet Sara

As a graduate gemologist with a background in the jewelry industry, Sara has a well-rounded perspective & deep understanding of her clients.

From her studio in San Diego, she's partnered with hundreds of jewelers to create images that convert her clients' stories into sales.


It's This Easy

1. Book

Contact us or book online to schedule at your convenience. 

2. Shot List

We’ll send you a Shot List template and visual guide so you can select the colors, lighting, and designs you want in each image.

3. Photo Shoot

We’ll work through your shot list on the day of your shoot, and reach out if any questions pop up along the way. Next, we’ll start retouching your photos and have them ready for you to review in about a week.

4. Delivery

We’ll send your watermarked images to review along with your invoice. Once your project is approved & paid, we’ll send you a link to download your high resolution images.