Styled Jewelry Photography

Product Photos On Color

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While your product shots on white are your foundation, these styled product images are a tool to help amplify your brand’s voice. They’re perfect for your header images, social media, digital marketing, and print campaigns.

Using our shot list template, you’ll be able to select the exact colors, textures, and props that you want.

Product On Color

Select from a variety of color palettes, or we’ll match your branding

Include as many pieces as you want in each image

Studio lighting can achieve a variety of aesthetics

We provide a template for you to place your requests

All images include professional retouching

You’ll receive full size images licensed for all uses

1. Book

Contact us or book online to schedule at your convenience. 

2. Shot List

We’ll send you our pre-built Shot List template and visual guide that will allow you to select the backdrop colors, lighting, and jewelry designs that you want featured in each image.

3. Photo Shoot

We’ll work through your shot list on the day of your shoot, and reach out if any questions pop up along the way. Afterwards, we’ll start retouching your photos and have them ready for you to review in about a week.

4. Delivery

We’ll send you your watermarked images to review along with your invoice. Once your project is approved & paid, we’ll send you a link to download your high resolution images.