Gone Fishin’

The owner of Blue Wave Jewelry contacted me recently to get some of their tungsten rings photographed. They sent over these three bands, which are goldtone with various types of fish engraved around the outside. Primarily a product shot, I photographed these face-on on a white background with a soft shadow beneath them. I made sure the camera was fixed at the same angle in every shot so that there was consistency across the images, which is especially important in e-commerce where you’re looking at images tiled next to each other.







I recently had the chance to do another shoot for LeightWorks‘ hand cut crystal jewelry. This time, we stuck to a clean white background. Each image is actually a compilation of two photos; a necessity due to the “phenomenal” nature of the glass. I first take an image of the piece with a dark (gray or black) surface behind or around the glass, to make the color appear. Then I take an image of the piece on a white background, per usual, so that the reflections in the metal are of the white surroundings and not black. I then layer the images in Photoshop to show the best of each image.

Based On A True Story


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It takes a certain type of artist to be able to create a scene depicting homicidal hamsters and still make you say “aww, cute.” Tara Magboo is definitely one such artist. This ring suite tells the tragic narrative of two hamsters (traditionally solitary creatures) put together in confinement, and the gruesome scene that unfolds. What’s cool about these rings as well is that each one has a moving or interactive part.

Tara’s stuff continues to look stunning on the black gradient background, and I continue to be impressed by her true artisanship and attention to detail.

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Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

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I love meeting new clients, and when Tara Magboo stopped by the studio with some of her quirky cool animal-inspired pieces from the Magboo collection, I knew I liked her style. While I never tire of shooting traditional jewelry, sometimes ya just wanna take a picture of a fox smoking a cigarette (and obviously you have to add a burning tip in Photoshop). Tara is an awesome designer and all around cool chick, and I’m so excited we got a chance to work together on this project.