Beryls of Fun


Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 57


BERYLS OF FUN?! Are you kidding me?! I really go above and beyond for you guys.

Anyway, when I got a package at the office from DeBella Fine Gems & Jewelry Arts last week, I pulled out this ring and thought to myself “Wow, that’s a big citrine” – only to discover that, of course, it’s a golden beryl. More specifically, a 75ct. golden beryl flanked by more beryl, of the aquamarine variety. Also in the package was this lovely chrome tourmaline pendant that would be incredible for a holiday party, IMO.

I always shoot Joe De Bella’s stuff on a white background (my favorite), then render it onto a more ivory/beige background (his favorite) to go up on his website. He also uses the photos in a slideshow which plays on the TV in his boutique after hours. As with all my clients, I store Joe’s photos on a shared Dropbox folder, which his graphic designer also has access to. And because the photos are already clipped (in other words, the piece is digitally separated from its background), the designer can easily use them on any color or background of ad that he’s working on.