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After taking a few shots for Alonso Jewelry Design back in January, they decided that they’d want to get a large batch of images taken of their religious jewelry. The project was done in two batches of 25 pieces, the first of which had more Fisher of Men bracelets, a couple necklaces, and several charms. With clients that I’ve done previous shoots for, I’ll pull up old images while I’m working on the new ones, so that I can ensure that the styling, shooting angle, color balance, etc. will match what I’ve delivered previously. Stay tuned for an update on the second batch I did for this project later on.

Faith & Grace

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Chrissy of Faith & Grace Jewelry got in touch with me earlier this year about shooting some of her new line. She was building a website (which turned out fabulously) and wanted some professional shots to use for it. She sent me dozens of pieces for individual product shots, as well as some more creative images to use for feature/home pages. The shoot took about a week, and when it was over, she actually emailed me some of her own shots to do the retouching on so that she could get new styles posted right away. Chrissy is lovely to work with, and her quick success with this line speaks to her sense of what her clients are craving.