Lavender Sapphire Engagement Ring

I loved shooting for Tammy of The Jewel Princess this year. I photographed several pieces from her line, which are available on their website. Pictured above are photos of a very special ring – Tammy’s own! This engagement ring is absolutely stunning, with a lavender sapphire as the center stone, and paraiba tourmaline and diamond accents.

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Bridal Shoot

 Here are a couple views from the photo shoot we did for Consider The Wldflwrs’ sample bridal line. Each ring was photographed at 4 different angles, perfect for ecommerce, and then rendered (in photoshop) in each of the three colors of gold. This gave the client a total of 12 images of each design. The image below shows the through-finger view of each of the rings.

Set of Rings




Here are a few rings that I recently shot for DeBella Fine Gems & Jewelry Arts, all propped in a similar position and with matching drop shadows and reflections. If you haven’t yet heard me rave about this jeweler, go back and read this post. It’s always a pleasure working with Joe De Bella and seeing what he’s been creating over in Santa Fe.