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Last week I had the chance to do a photo shoot for the fabulous Julez Bryant. As they prepare for 2016, Julez wanted several group shots of some of her best-sellers, as well as some newer designs. As we stood over her tray of dozens (and dozens) of pieces, we discussed the different combinations she wanted to see.

After reviewing the raw images from the shoot, I thought this soft white  was lovely would be a good look for the purpose of these photos. Without the starkness of the #ffffff white background, the off white photos have softer shadows and natural reflections. And, since the jewelry isn’t clipped from the background like traditional WBG photos, I could utilize a bit of a shallower depth of field to allow some subtle blurring at the edges of the pieces.

Both Julez and I ended up loving these shots, and I’m eager to see how this softer version of the white background can add a new dimension for some of my clients (I’ll be adding it to my Styles page when I get a chance).

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Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 45