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It’s been a pleasure getting to work with Katherine & Josephine, a jewelry company run by sisters Julie and Carly. Julie contacted me in February about adding some new photos to their ecommerce site. Although the specialty for Katherine & Josephine is satin bracelet straps combined with gold & diamond slides, they also create these lovely cityscape cuffs (I’ve shot NYC, London, Chicago, and Paris so far), as well as a variety of bands, studs, and more.

After discussing with Julie what photography strategy would work best for their company, she shipped me about 20 pieces for the first shoot. I needed about a day to photograph the items, then a few days to edit. For some of the pieces, I shot a yellow gold version and then rendered it in rose gold and white gold, which are also available. I’m already in the process of working on the second shoot, so I’ll post about that when it’s wrapped up.