pink diamonds

[Pink] Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend




The first time I saw this ring, it was only for a moment, as it transferred directly from the jeweler’s bench into Julez’ hands so she could make a rush delivery to her client. She promised me that I’d have the opportunity to shoot it, and she made good on that promise a couple weeks ago when she brought it back to me. This show-stopper has it all: fancy shape pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in the center row of five, round pink diamond melee, custom cut colorless baguettes, round colorless melee, and a couple heart-shaped colorless diamonds for good measure. The fine craftsmanship of the piece – which took about four days at the bench – makes it the total package.

This is exactly the reason that getting photos of your jewelry is so important: these images are a way to “keep” the piece after it’s been delivered to the client, perhaps never to be seen by the jeweler who made it again. When I refer to building a portfolio of images for your business, I’m referring to this. Capturing every angle of a piece while you still have it gives you a way to show what you’ve designed, made, and sent off into the world.