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Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 63


Earlier this month, I was contacted by Elisa of Davide Bigazzi Studio to do a photo shoot. I was already familiar with the work produced by the husband/wife team, having visited their website before, and was looking forward to capturing their pieces in the studio.

Davide Bigazzi’s style is one that really resonates with me. After you’ve been working in the industry for several years, I think it’s unavoidable to become a little desensitized to the incredibly lovely things we have the good fortune of working with every day. When I opened their shipment, though, I felt instantly reconnected to the reason why I love jewelry. It’s artistic and distinctive and beautiful and well made; everything that jewelry should be.

The pieces were shot individually on a white background, and I positioned them in such a way that they’d be consistent with the angles of the current photography on their website. Other than removing the background (to achieve a pure white canvas), the images required little retouching. I’m really happy with how everything turned out, and am thrilled to have gotten a chance to collaborate with this awesome company.