Here are a few of the shots I took for the talented Ailin Richards of her tourmaline & diamond ring in yellow gold. I love the way the gold wraps around the tourmaline, and think the angles we decided on turned out perfectly for the piece.

The Spectrums




The gents of Ambassador Gems are on the road a lot. So when Greg called out of the blue one day in February to ask if I had time to shoot their AGTA Spectrum Award-winning ring, featuring an incredible 6.26ct padparadscha sapphire, I didn’t hesitate. The collaborative ring was designed by Lindsay Jane, whose moonstone ring you’ve seen on this blog before, and executed by The Rephinery, a custom design company known for their impeccable quality. The center stone, of course, was one of Ambassador Gems’.

There’s only one way to properly photograph a ring like this, and that’s in several angles. As is often the case with pieces that have a beautiful center stone as well as notable design aspects throughout the piece, no one angle is going to tell the whole story. As you can see above, I shot three different views of the piece, which I delivered along with the compilation shot you see here.

I’m so pleased that the stars aligned and I was able to shoot this gorgeous piece while it was passing through Carlsbad. I’m eager to see what this dynamic team comes up with for the next show!