Over The Moon


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Maybe someday I’ll stop throwing puns into my blog post titles, but today isn’t that day.

Last week I got to shoot a fun project for Lindsay Jane Designs. Lindsay Jane is an award winning designer and all around fantastic person. I first met Lindsay through WJA and took an immediate liking to her. Her penchant for amazing gemstones and high end craftsmanship also demands respect and sets her apart.

She asked me to photograph one of her dreamy designs, featuring a moonstone center and colorful halo, with some filigree work in the gallery. We decided to shoot a few angles, allowing the various design aspects to be seen. Moonstones can be tricky to photograph, but some lighting magic and a prayer to the gods of phenomenal gemstones allowed me to catch the periwinkle-blue adularescence of this lovely oval piece.

Variations of a Stack

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Mid-month I got to do a shoot for Elyria Jewels in Boulder, CO. Elyria’s pieces balance “industrial chic with a luxurious, bohemian aesthetic,” and as you can see, use a variety of materials from mixed metals to rose cut diamonds, black diamonds, brilliant cut diamonds, and more. For this shoot, I received a package of several rings, and the owner asked for a variety of group shots. This gives her some flexibility when using the images for different online and in-print purposes.