I love-love-love Carolyn Morris Bach‘s jewelry. Love.

Carolyn found me earlier this summer and sent over these pieces for our first photo shoot together. I love when jewelers are able to blur the line between jewelry and art, and Carolyn definitely is both a jeweler and an artist. She uses various materials and finishes to create these stunning pieces, and the result is really wonderful. Having previously stuck with black gradient backgrounds, she wanted to try white background images with me and we were both really happy with the results. The shapes, color contrast, and textures really pop nicely against a blank slate.





I recently had the chance to do another shoot for LeightWorks‘ hand cut crystal jewelry. This time, we stuck to a clean white background. Each image is actually a compilation of two photos; a necessity due to the “phenomenal” nature of the glass. I first take an image of the piece with a dark (gray or black) surface behind or around the glass, to make the color appear. Then I take an image of the piece on a white background, per usual, so that the reflections in the metal are of the white surroundings and not black. I then layer the images in Photoshop to show the best of each image.