Stars & Studs

Here are a couple shots from another project I did recently for Katherine & Josephine, featuring these lovely starburst and studded earrings. I like the way that the positioning of both of these pairs is a bit interesting, without being distracting. To me, white background jewelry photography is first and foremost about showing a true image of what the piece looks like (especially since these photos are often used in e-commerce and catalogs), while the styling and other surrounding elements are great ways to add some visual depth.





Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 93

Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 92

It’s been a pleasure getting to work with Katherine & Josephine, a jewelry company run by sisters Julie and Carly. Julie contacted me in February about adding some new photos to their ecommerce site. Although the specialty for Katherine & Josephine is satin bracelet straps combined with gold & diamond slides, they also create these lovely cityscape cuffs (I’ve shot NYC, London, Chicago, and Paris so far), as well as a variety of bands, studs, and more.

After discussing with Julie what photography strategy would work best for their company, she shipped me about 20 pieces for the first shoot. I needed about a day to photograph the items, then a few days to edit. For some of the pieces, I shot a yellow gold version and then rendered it in rose gold and white gold, which are also available. I’m already in the process of working on the second shoot, so I’ll post about that when it’s wrapped up.

Hey, Stud

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In early January I got to shoot a variety of diamond goodies for Ann Elizabeth Jewelry. In addition to the rings and studs seen above, I also shot a gorgeous diamond bangle and a diamond pendant as well.

In other news, the jewelry company that I manage, and operate my studio from (Bravo Jewellers), has expanded and we’ve relocated to a new space a couple miles from our former location. The new studio space offers the same protection and convenience as my former space, it’s simply a new address to ship to. Be sure to check out the Client Resources page for the updated address before you send your next shipment.

Leather for Ladies


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I started a photo shoot in November (yes, I’m behind on posts in a big way) for a new-to-the-jewelry-business maker named Martha Banks, creator of Martha Banks Designs. Martha contacted me about getting some shots done for her upcoming Etsy store, and stopped by on a Saturday afternoon with a tray of dozens of leather items. Her specialty is in studded leather cuffs, such as those seen in the photo above, but she’s also expanding her line to include leather earrings and pendants as well.

As is often the case, a white background was going to be the most versatile for Martha, and I think the bold and dark colors of the leather stand out nicely against it. After she approved the sample images I sent her, I delivered two versions of each photo: a full size, naturally cropped (3:2) image, as well as a smaller, square image which she could upload directly to Etsy without having to do any re-sizing on her end.

As soon as Martha’s store is up, I’ll come back here to link to it. Anyone wanting to get in touch with Martha about her leather goods, feel free to contact me and I’ll connect you.