The Quad


Sara Rey Jewelry Photography Blog 38


This is a pretty sweet stone, right? What’s unique about it? It’s not a bi-color, not a tri-color, but in fact a quad-color tourmaline. It starts as a deep purple, shifting briefly to a medium blue, then switches gears to a classic tourmaline-pink hue before it deepens into a lovely rubellite color at the end. It’s also a healthy 36+ carats.

Greg Chatham and Bryan Lichtenstein, owners of Ambassador Gems, specialize in really. cool. stones. Blue zircon, tanzanite, all varieties of garnet and tourmaline…their vivid, candy-colored collection is exciting to see whether you’re into colored stones or not (I mean, really though, who’s not?).

Also, Lindsay Jane, talented jewelry designer for Ambassador Gems, took home 2nd place in the AGTA Spectrum Awards’ Classical category for 2016. Her cushion halo ring with to-die-for claw prongs holds a stunning 6.26ct Padparadscha sapphire, & I am thrilled to have a chance shoot it in the near future. A huge congratulations to their team!