You Need Better Jewelry Photography

Jewelry is a challenging category to shoot. Our passion for the industry has fueled thousands of photo shoots, allowing us to cater our equipment & techniques to produce a superior result.

We’ve served hundreds of jewelers, and developed a workflow that helps us seamlessly integrate into your business, making you feel like you have an in-house photographer on your team.

Why We're Perfect For You


Most projects are ready for delivery within a week of your photoshoot. Have a tight deadline? Let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate.


In addition to our standard services, we can build a custom tailored set of services to fulfill your needs.


No more back & forth with photographers, trying to explain how a gem color should look, or why the gold tone needs to be the exact same every time.


We keep you in the loop during every step of your project, so you’re never wondering what the status is.

Meet Sara

Meet Sara

As a graduate gemologist with a background in the jewelry industry, Sara has a well-rounded perspective & deep understanding of her clients.

From her studio in San Diego, she's partnered with hundreds of jewelers to create images that convert her clients' stories into sales.

Sara is a phenomenal photographer! She is so pleasant to work with, she sends us our images faster than any other company I've worked with, and she's always flexible with due dates and shot lists. Couldn't recommend her enough!!
Victoria Schulte
Marrow Fine

Why Us Vs. In-House Photography?

we're specialists

Our world revolves around shooting jewelry. With best-in-class techniques & equipment, we can offer a level of quality that’s virtually impossible to hire for in-house.

only pay for the images you need

Your volume throughout the year may fluctuate around new collections or events. Save on the cost of a staff photographer by skipping months you don’t need new work shot.

we have a team

Sara brings her own team at no additional cost to you. When you work with us, you don’t just get a photographer, you get the entire post-production team too.

How Can We Improve Your Current Photos?

Your gold colors are replicated perfectly every time we work together. No more mismatched gold colors on your website, confusing your clients.

Your cropping is standardized according to jewelry type and scale. Say goodbye to category pages where some products look disproportionately huge and others look tiny. We’ll set up formulas catered to you.

You’ll receive your images in the exact same size & resolution every time. Our services include web-friendly & print-friendly JPGs. If you have specific size requirements for your website, let us know and we’ll deliver them ready-to-upload for a seamless launch.

Perfect focus is achieved using a sophisticated macro photography technique called focus-stacking. What does that mean? Every millimeter of your image is in perfect focus – no more partially blurry images.

The exact same angles of your jewelry are captured each time we work together, creating an optimal web experience for your customer and maximizing conversion.

this level of consistency could be yours

92% of shoppers say that “clear and detailed images” are the most important features when shopping online.

Offerings Tailored To You

Check out our most popular services below. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d be happy to hop on a call to talk about your current photography needs & business goals. That way, we can ensure you get the most out of your photography budget, and skip the services that don’t align with your priorities.

Product On White

$45 each. Learn More.

Product On Color

$100 each (+$25 per additional item for group shots). Learn More.

Custom Editorial

$1500 day rate + $100 per image retouching from selected proofs. Learn More.

Social Media Content

Packages start at $750. Learn More.

Digital Artwork & Content

$25 each using existing images


$150-200, based on complexity

Detail Shots

$45 each

Gradient Background

$45 each

Group Shots

$45 for the first item
+ $10 for each additional item in the photo

Digital Compilations

$20 each using existing images

Gem Photography

$45 each

Grey & Off-White Product Shots

$45 each

Our professional studio space is located in a historic fire station in downtown San Diego

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