Photo Shoot for WJA San Diego

Sara-Rey-Jewelry-Photography-Blog-161Katie Newell

Sara-Rey-Jewelry-Photography-Blog-163Zeta Greene


Nancy Meli Walker

  Sara-Rey-Jewelry-Photography-Blog-165Kathleen Lynagh

  Sara-Rey-Jewelry-Photography-Blog-166Eliana Zepeda Graham

  Sara-Rey-Jewelry-Photography-Blog-167Betsy Kinsey

I was excited to have had the opportunity to again do a summer photo shoot for the Women’s Jewelry Association San Diego Chapter. This is our chapter’s second year doing the Makers Project, which is an event that brings together about 25 women jewelry artists throughout Southern California and challenges them to make a piece of jewelry inspired by the year’s theme. The pieces are then photographed by yours truly, put into a catalog, and  auctioned to the public. The artists are so generous to donate their pieces, and the proceeds of the auction go to the WJA’s Scholarship funds, allowing women around San Diego and the U.S. to further their professional educations in the jewelry industry. This year’s theme is “She Inspired Me,” and each artist created a piece based on female figures that have inspired them personally and/or in their careers. As with last year, this year’s batch of pieces is remarkable, and I’m sure will lead to another very successful auction. The auction takes place next Saturday, July 29th, in San Diego. If you’re in the area, you can find more details about the event by visiting WJA’s website here.